Politically Fresh and In Season !
Night Thermos

Night Thermos

I made both the screen print and the linoleum cut print this summer during quarantine in my home and at the Hyde Park Arts Center studio. It is named Night Thermos because my aspirational vision of the future includes free fresh juice pumps on every corner where neighbors fill their decorated thermoses and visit with each other slowly. I apparently envision free city supplied thermoses and a side of romance as well ! Many of my friends and family thought that I was announcing a new relationship when I posted this art on social media. These prints for me are connected to Frida Kahlo's imagination , love of plants and sense of justice. They are also connected to my Covid-19 thoughts that politics can also mean very local demands for food justice . In the first weeks of the pandemic incredible changes were made quickly such as rent /utility/unemployment/ tax extensions. Homeless residents were offered free rooms in buildings that the city apparently had all along. Stadiums were converted to clinics and there were massive prison release efforts. Each day the news announced fantastical things such as no more road tolls , The Four Seasons Hotel in NYC filled at no charge with volunteer medics, and drive up food banks for all. This poster came from that spirit of possibilities. In March my adult son tested positive for the Corona virus . Free fresh juice for him must have been on my mind .

Hand pulled screenprint/ signed edition of 23/     25in. x 19 in.